All our puppies come with Dogs NSW limited registration pedigree papers, micro chipping, vaccination, worming, puppy food (Royal Canin) and a puppy book.

My puppies also come with a written health guarantee and desexing contract.

I am available 24/7 if you have any questions throughout the life of the puppy.

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

If you’re interested in our Kabova Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and would like to get updates from our kennel, please apply for a puppy and join our waitlist on RightPaw.


If you’re interested in our Kabova Pugs and would like to get updates from our kennel, please apply for a puppy and join our waitlist on RightPaw.

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We welcome all inquiries and please contact us any time.


Fawn puppies ready July

We have due in September 2023

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We got our Kabova boy in 2015 (will be 6 on 24 March) and he has been the most beautiful boy we could ever hope for.

A happy, confident, social pug from the day we brought him home. A gorgeous looking pug too.

We couldn’t be happier and will definitely go to Jenny again.

The information pack given to us was so helpful for the first year or so when we were learning to be pug parents.

15 February 2022.

Jessica June

When I first began searching for pug breeders, it was a bit overwhelming. I wanted a well-bred, healthy puppy from a reputable breeder so I was going to be picky. To me, professionalism and transparency are important, and I like a webpage to look at to see their dogs and sus out the breeder. Kabova came up in my searches; they have a website, a history of champion and show winning dogs, and a written health guarantee when you purchase a puppy. I was delighted when I went to pick my boy up and saw him running around with an adorable giggling toddler. He looked happy, and all the dogs looked well cared for. I now have my Jimini, and while every puppy is different, he has been amazing. He has such an easy-going temperament, is outgoing, and very bright. He’s also bloody adorable and extremely cheeky. Jenny provides you with a detailed guide on how you care for your pug, which I found very helpful. She also welcomes you to message her if you have any questions or concerns throughout your pug’s life, and she accommodated me when I had some new pug mum anxiety! I recommend Kabova and would go back to them in the future.

3 February 2021

Bron Maclean

Over the years, our family has found our Kabova puppies to be happy, confident and loving little ones. It's true that Kabova pugs seem to have a reputation for being very beautiful pugs, however, the temperament of these dogs shouldn't go unmentioned. Bringing home a pup that is immediately social, independent, interested and loving is a clear giveaway that Kabova puppies are raised in family environment with no end of human interaction. Additionally, the humans behind Kabova pugs are genuinely dedicated to the advancement of the breed and they will be there for you while you adopt your puppy and for the rest of its life. As a life-long pug person, I feel very fortunate that breeders like Kabova are available to us in Australia. Our sincere thanks and gratitude to Jenny and the rest of the Kabova family, we hope you continue the dedicated and loving work you do with these pugs for many years to come.

18 September 2020

Cat Herine

By far the best pug breeder in the country.

Our family have 2 Kabova pugs who came to us as well socialised, loving, happy and healthy puppies.

As long as Kabova are breeding pugs we wouldn’t go anywhere else.

23 March 2021.

Sarah Nolan